Here, I'd like to share some of my favourite compositions, from classical carnatic compositions to bhajans to film songs as played by me.  I also upload videos to my Youtube channel, Vainika7 which you can subscribe to!

Bantureethi kolu - Durga Ramakrishnan
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Venkatachalanilayam - Durga Ramaktishnan
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A famous Thyagaraja krithi in Hamsanadham ragam which is frequently performed in concerts
A popular devar naama of Purandara Daasa in Raga Sindhubhairavi set to Aadhi thalam. This is a song on Lord Venkateswara of Thirupathi
Payoji maine - Meera Bhajan - Durga Ramakrishnan
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A Mira Bhajan in Raga Pahadi played on Veena by Durga Ramakrishnan
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