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Music has always been my lifelong passion.  I have been trained in Carnatic Music which is an ancient art form which originates from Sama Veda.  Music fascinates me in the numerous ways it links with our life – its relaxing and therapeutic to the mind; songs are associated with festivals and occasions; the seven notes bring different styles and integrate people beyond boundaries. I have always been more attracted to the rich melody of Carnatic ragas that evoke various emotions.  The beautiful techniques in singing and voice culture give great scope for imagination and presentation. This motivated me to learn the art in depth and teach others.  


I started learning music from a very young age from my grandmother Smt C. N. Kalpakam  in vocal and veena.  This lead to performing in school events and cultural programmes from the age of eight. As a youth artist I performed in both "All India Radio" and Chennai's "Doordharshan" programmes.  At the age of fifteen, I started to assist my grandmother  by teaching  veena  and vocal to her students. I further graduated from Madras University in B.A. Music.  Later I completed my Teachers' Training at the Chennai Music Academy. I have performed and taught students Carnatic music across Libya, India (Madras) and the UK (Lincoln, Leicester, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff). 

I teach Carnatic Vocal and Instrumental Veena for all age groups, from Basics (Sarali varisai) to Advanced lessons (keerthanai, ragam, svaram) in face to face and Skype formats. I also teach small devotional songs, Bhajans and melodic Indian classics in tamil, telugu, sanskrit, hindi, malayalam and marati.  For those interested in learning about the rich cultural poetry of the Ancient Tamils, I also teach Tamil Music - Thevaaram, Thirupaavai, Thiruppugazh. thiruarutpa etc.


I lead workshops in Indian music and culture with various organisations including schools/after school clubs and holiday schemes within Bristol and outside areas. for those who are interested in thematic presentations for cultural events or shows. 

I am registered with 'Ofaal'  examination board where I train students to take exams in theory and practical from Grade 1 to Grade 5.

Famous Quotes

'Sruthi Maatha Laya Pitha'

which mean the selected pitch and the pace you sing must go together  and very important for good singing like the parents who play an important role in our life.

I welcome the visitors of this website to enjoy listening and learning about music as I enjoy it. I hope you find it interesting and possibly learn something new you haven't heard before or that you extend your knowledge you already have on the subject.


For performance bookings,  vocal / veena classes and workshops please contact me on

Carnatic Vocalist | Veena Player | Musician | Music Teacher

B.A. Music


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